Seeing the Plastic Ocean: A Collaborative Multimedia Arts Exhibit

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“Seeing the Plastic Ocean” is a collaborative multimedia arts exhibit addressing the urgent issue of plastic pollution in our oceans through photography, dance, and design. The goal for this dynamic project aims to draw attention to this pressing global crisis and inspire meaningful action to protect our oceans and planet.

The exhibit features the work from 3 opposing art forms: photography (Alyssa Fortin), Designer (Jill Palese) and Dancers (Avery Saulnier de Reyes, Juliet Brown, Emily Entingh, Hayley Donohue, Evelyn Netishen). The artists apply their individuality and creative direction to their part of project, resulting in a merged interpretation of the theme Seeing the Plastic Ocean.

Fortin offers a unique glimpse into another realm, capturing the female form in all its strength and grace through underwater reflections, light, and movement.

Palese, founder of Call to Action Clothing, handcrafts intricate costumes from repurposed plastic materials, encouraging the viewer to look closely at the ugliness and waste resulting from the apparel industry.

The dancer’s role is to imagine themselves as marine animals, valiantly swimming amongst a sea of plastic waste, eventually choking in it.

The exhibit aims to inspire action against plastic pollution and work towards a more sustainable future.


Alyssa Fortin’s artistic journey spans three decades, featuring intimate black and white portraits, vivid color travel imagery, and fine art. Inspired by the natural beauty of people and the world, she excels as a visual storyteller, creating a timeless bond between her images and their viewers. Her work highlights the delicate balance between humanity and our environment.

She is represented by Hostetler Gallery in Nantucket, Sorelle Gallery in Westport, CUSP Gallery in Newport, and State of the Arts Gallery in Sarasota. She holds a BFA in black and white film photography from the University of Florida and a Master’s in Art Education from the University of Georgia. After graduating, she taught photography and fine arts,

covering topics from pinhole photography to advanced techniques, and integrating current events and art history. Her style is influenced by photographers such as Dorothea Lange, Sally Mann, and Niki Boon.

Fortin’s current work includes two series, “Seeing the Plastic Ocean” and “Disruptive Heroines,” featuring large format museum-quality fine art. “Seeing the Plastic Ocean,” a collaboration with ballet dancers and designer Jill Palese, is a thought-provoking series showcasing the beauty of ballet dancers gracefully navigating the devastating impact of climate change, entwined in a sea of plastic waste.

The “Disruptive Heroines” series captures the essence of femininity, embodying hope, resilience, and grace within the fluid silhouette of the dancers beneath the water’s surface. As the dancers navigate the depths, their movements convey a story of rebirth and rediscovery.

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Founder of Call to Action® Clothing, Jill is fiercely committed to eco-smart design. A 25+ year veteran of the clothing industry, Jill focuses on delivering re-imagined women’s clothing, infusing style and innovative solutions into a Fashion.Conscious. ® collection, that revolves around inventing practical new solutions for problems that plague the fashion industry.

A large part of Jill’s mission for the brand is to raise awareness about environmental issues in apparel. “It is critically important to move the fashion industry forward, to make simplechanges that could make a big difference. It’s time for all hands on deck now”.

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BOSSWK Founder; Chrystian advises the public on sustainable products and services designed to promote connection and cultivate innovation. An accomplished mechanical engineer,

Dennis self identifies as a “visual architect”, blending her technology background with her passion for art, health, and sustainable endeavors.