Alyssa Fortin

Fortin’s Disruptive Heroines anthology focuses on narratives of disorder and disruption.  In it she reimagines and rewrites well known stories in which female protagonists, once cursed, defiled and condemned re-emerge cleansed, rejuvenated and victorious.  In so doing Fortin seeks to both churn and calm the waters of Classical and Western history, revealing novel interpretations of some of tragedy’s greatest heroines: Odette, Ophelia, Aegina, Thebe, Andromeda, Iphigenia, Electra, and Medea. And of course, Christianity’s legion of fallen angels.   

Rather than subjugated and destroyed, Fortin’s heroines exude strength and clarity from their time in troubled waters. In transforming tragedies into survival stories in which females unite against all odds, Fortin resurrects the once condemned and lost women of history, legend, literature, and religion, celebrating them as they escape, rebel, and rise again – stronger and more radiant than ever before.  

Currently on display Asopus’ Daughters, Rococo Angel: The Fall, and from the series Odette Rebels – the pieces The Thread That Binds, Odette’s Last Breathe Before…, Odette’s Transformation, and The Swan Rises.