About Hostetler Gallery

Hostetler Gallery was established in Nantucket in 1982 exclusively featuring the artwork of David Hostetler.

In 2012 we moved the gallery to downtown Nantucket and with the increased space; we were able to showcase additional artists.

2020 will bring new painters and photographers to my space, including Michael Rich, Rose Hartman, Donna Isham, Ellen Carey, Art Werger and Power Boothe

The Hostetler Gallery email newsletter informs you of upcoming shows, artwork, news about our artists and their careers. You will have priority access to the new artwork. We keep it short!


Contact Us

42 Centre Street, PO BOX 2222, Nantucket, MA 02584
T: 508-228-5152 Summer
T: 740-593-8180 Winter
M: 740-591-8180
E: susan@davidhostetler.com

Hours of operation: Closed until April 27, 2019
Summer 11.00 am to 6pm, Friday and Saturday till 9pm
Private appointments available

Our Artists