Daniel Sutherland is an established fine art photographer working in the landscape tradition. Living on Nantucket for the past 30 years has enabled a patient, in-depth survey of a conserved environment so highly regarded that The Nature Conservancy included the island in its list of Forty Last Great Places.

Sutherland delights in the playful boundary between representation and abstraction, often revealing distilled references in otherwise descriptive forms though reduction and simplification of elements found in the environment. Daniel approaches his subject on an intimate scale that invites engagement on a personal level. Large scale prints convey this intimacy with impact. “I strive for a sense of transcendence in the representational; elucidating unique experiences of time and place, illuminating moments that reveal openings through which one may pass renewed, edified.”  The ocean has become an increasingly strong presence in his portfolio. “The colors and textual interplay between the oceanic environment and sky invites sustained observation and is an enduring challenge and inspiration for me.” 

As a beneficiary of Nantucket’s exemplary tradition of conservation, Sutherland has forged a long-standing relationship with the Nantucket Conservation Foundation; the island’s largest conservation organization. “It has been my pleasure to serve the NCF for the past 3 decades and help them articulate the need for continued vigilance in the critical task of land preservation and management.” 

His work has found its way into many collections across the United States and Europe. 

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