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Crystal Cartier - New Works - June through October 7th, 2012

Reception for the artist Friday July 13, 8-10p

Hostetler Gallery is very pleased to present new works from Los Angeles photographer Crystal Cartier. The exhibition explores an exotic vision of everyday food. Cultures are defined by their foods and presentations, but beyond the different dishes and flavors Cartier presents a stripped down aesthetic as a unique way to see the ordinary.

Graphic, beautiful, and sometimes abstractly mesmerizing, Cartier’s images take the familiarity out of the foods we eat showing how visually extraordinary the items on our plate truly are. What sort of nefarious love affairs might our cutlery engage in when we’re not looking? In Cartier’s “Forking” series, tines intertwine to explore the sexy side of cutlery en coitus. Rich textures and colors draw you in to masterfully created photographs, the glean of light on honey, the pearlescent shimmer of shell, the sheen of fish tails all come together to form a gorgeously dramatic and fun exploration into the evocative beauty and visual complexity of surprisingly simple foods.

Crystal Cartier is an artist living and working in Los Angeles, Ca. She received her BS in photography from Syracuse University and works as a food photographer for advertising clients and magazines.

Press images available on request.

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